Every Child’s First Love!

Every child’s first love, first toy is a rattle! Simba brings you facts and insights into how this little toy can boost your baby’s growth from birth!

A rattle is a universal toy that has been used since centuries for a baby’s playtime. The design, colours, sound, and texture of this lightweight plaything boost a child’s overall growth right from birth. Here are 5 important benefits of rattles:

Duck Rattle Design from Simba

Duck Rattle Design from Simba

 1. Stimulates Sense of Sight

The bright colours and design of rattles have a positive visual impact on babies. Rattles with smiling faces, cartoon characters and nature themes like flowers, birds and animals make a child feel happy & emotionally secure.

audio rattle

Rattles with Sound from Simba

2. Enhances Audio Ability

The jingling sounds a rattle produces when it is shaken, is very pleasant for a baby to hear. With time the child co-relates movement and sound. With regular use, this plaything enhances child’s audio sense and ability to distinguish between various sounds. A rattle also helps to make a baby aware of the surroundings.


Plush Character Rattles from Simba

3. Boosts Tactile Sense

Some rattles also have a textural design with surfaces in various finishes. These help in boosting a child’s tactile ability. Soft rattles designed like plush toys are very comforting for the baby to hold. With regular ‘pick and play’, these stimulate child’s sense of touch. Some rattles also have in-built teethers which are great for child’s developing mouth cavity.

ball rattle

Ball Rattle Toy from Simba

4. Strengthen Grip & Hand-eye Coordination

Rattles are designed to be lightweight playthings, keeping in mind the little hands of babies. As a child learns to hold the rattle, his finger movements develop. His grip over objects in daily life improves over time.  He also learns to use both hands to play with a rattle, pick it up from surfaces and even “catch and throw” it because of his strong hand-eye coordination.

shapes rattle

Rattle with Different Shapes from Simba

5. Fun Learning Tools

Some rattles also have educational designs with ABC’s, shapes like star, square, circle and numbers. These help in boosting a child’s general intelligence right from birth in a very friendly manner. Babies learn concepts faster and also develop cognitive abilities in early childhood.

So many benefits are packed in this little plaything! Pick the best rattle based on your child’s needs from a Simba Store today.

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