Soft Toys – Emotional healers, companions & play-time buddies

Soft fabric toys are more than just a plaything for children. They are buddies with names and personalities that they can talk to, play with and even sleep with! Simba brings you a list of benefits of soft or plush toys which each one of us grows up with!

  1. Express Emotions, Give Affection
    abc cuddly doll

    ABC Cuddly Doll

    It is through soft toys that kids initially express their nurturing and caring qualities by kissing, hugging, comforting and sleeping with the toy. Playing with them is a great outlet for their many emotional expressions. They talk to them when upset, share secrets, joys and stories and seek their comfort in times of distress or anxiety.


2. Child’s First Friend & Companion

abc plush telephone

ABC Plush Telephone

According to many studies, the first toy a child chooses to play with is a plush toy! These toys lend a sense of security, warmth, gentleness and familiarity that makes kids feel secure. Soon, the child starts identifying this toy as a family member, sibling or best friend that goes with him/her everywhere.


3. Build Social Skills

ABC Plush Caterpillar with functions

ABC Plush Caterpillar with Functions

Soft toys often act as confidants and buddies and are especially useful for an only child. The toy reduces his/her feelings of loneliness & separation anxiety from caretakers. It helps the child express emotions and overtime increases confidence to make friends and be part of a group. Taking care of a soft toy help the child relate to other people, empathise, nurture and care for animals in real life.  In the long run, this ability helps them have better emotional bonds and friendships in later life.


4. Encourage Independent Sleeping Habits

abc glow in the dark plush animal

ABC Glow in the Dark Plush Animal

Soft toys are usually placed in nurseries and cribs as they are the perfect bedside companions for kids. They reduce anxiety of darkness in children and help them sleep alone. If a child wakes up in the middle of the night, holding the toy next to him can make him feel secure & warm.



5. Role-play & Entertainment

simba chichi love rock star bag.jpg

Simba Chi Chi Love Rockstar Bag with Chihuahua Plush Toy

Children give their soft toys a unique identity with imaginary habits, personalities and names! This makes them creative and also helps them role-play and vent their feelings using the toys. Toys with special features such as music, clothing or glamourous accessories bring entertainment in their lives.

 To heal, nurture, play – Plush toys are here to stay!

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