Pick the Perfect Present for your Precious!


Christmas is all about food, family, friends and lots of wonderful surprises.  The exciting emotions children feel add to the experience of it all! Simba Toys brings you a list of games & playthings which will make a very special gift for your son, daughter, niece, nephew or little friend – and a cherished moment for you!

  1. For Babies (0-1 years)


For babies a year or less, plush or soft toys are great gifting options. Babies love to cuddle and these playthings make them feel warm & secure when held. Some amazing picks from Simba’s collection include – Mr Men & Little Miss Happy , ABC’S Multi-color Assorted Set  and Disney Simba’s Tote Bag with a Toy and Storybook for a great story-telling experience in later years!

2. Infants & Toddlers (1-2 years)


Within the first two years, young kids develop and their senses (audio, visual, tactile) and also strengthen their motor skills. At this time, musical toys, playthings with movement and basic learning concepts appeal to them. From Simba’s collection, choose from toys such as Disney Mickey Mini Car , ABC Piano  and ABC Plastic Play Phone. Each one has multiple benefits in store for little angels.

3. Nursery –Kindergarten / Pre-schoolers (3- 5 years)


At this stage, children start getting very imaginative and tap into their creative abilities to have fun & learn. They also start making friends and learn socialising in groups, build team-spirit and express their feelings in words and mirror their nurturing qualities through dolls. Evi Love Fairy Carriage , Art & Fun Modelling Workshop and Simba My Music World Mp3 I-Sing Microphone  are all great gifting options.

4. Little Boys & Girls (6-9 years)

chichi love chihuahua

Between these years children develop their cognition skills and also their social personalities. They start to get intellectual, glamorous, outgoing or introverted depending on their personal attributes. From Simba’s range, Simba Inoq Moving 3-D Puzzle, Chi Chi Love Denim Blue Chihuahua  are really cool gifts for growing kids.

5. Pre-teens – Teens ( 10 + years)


Pre-teen onwards, kids love to explore the outdoors and also get aware of how they look. They take an active interest in sports and also experiment with their overall appearance. Simba’s Eichhorn Outdoor Rope Ladder and Steffi Love Girls Cosmetic Set are great gifting options – pick the one best suited to the child’s needs & growth stage.

 So what are you waiting for? Christmas? 😉


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