Frozen Goodies for Fun with Family & Friends!

The film Frozen has captured hearts and imagination of children around the world with its sweet tale of sisters, friends and family values. Its most memorable characters have inspired a beautiful collection by Smoby for adding an element of fairytales & fantasy to your kid’s playtime.

  1. Dress to Impress!Dress to Impress!Watch your child enjoy being vain with Smoby Frozen Dressing Table . The feminine design and accessories will add to the merriment of your kid’s role-playing games as she and her friends admire each other’s beauty. Giving this a new angle is Smoby Frozen Beauty Shop which allows kids to act as beauticians, dress up and even exchange fake money!

2. Eat, drink & be merry!


Carry the sparkly Frozen Themed Picnic Basket to your next outing and watch kids indulge their appetite and imagination. The fancy utensils are perfect for light bites and pretend play. The Frozen Mini Kitchen is a delicate set for little chefs to cook up imaginary recipes with friends and make up stories.

3. Let’s go shopping!

shopping trolley

Children love trips to the supermarket & mall and Smoby Frozen Shopping Trolley brings fun & functionality to this routine. The trolley can easily carry lightweight items & the wheels move easily on even surfaces.

 4. Creativity Unlimited!creativity

Everyone loves desserts! Kids can now make up their favourite treats during play with Smoby Frozen Ice-cream Factory which includes fancy accessories such as a dispenser, sauces & even a cash register. For the artistic child, Frozen Magnetic Board with Pen are a great option to doodle cameos, stars, snowflakes, nature scenes and lots more!

Shop them all, have fun and sing – Let it Go 😉


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