Fan Mail for Frozen Porcelain Tea Set

Frozen Tea Set

Testimonials are a sweet way of saying “I Love You” and here is a very heartfelt handwritten note Simba Toys received for Frozen’s Porcelain Tea Set.

testimonial letter

Mishika- Her Mother’s Little Princess

Mishika is an adorable 4 year old girl who loves Frozen Toys and Collectibles! She already has many Frozen Themed products such as playing cards, pencil case, Disney character tent and a lot more. Her parents recently got her the delicate Frozen Porcelain Tea Set. To their surprise, Mishika loved it so much that she immediately started imitating her mother. She handled the cups and saucers with utmost care as she added home-made tea and sugar into it.


Frozen Porcelain Tea Set

Mishika carefully serving tea in the Frozen Porcelain Tea Cups

Making Memories

Mishika served homemade tea to her mother, her aunt (maasi) and even had a cup herself! Her mother’s eyes filled with tears as her sweet daughter lovingly imitated her and how well she has grown! Simba Toys is very happy to have been part of these beautiful family memories. Years later, when they look back, these moments are sure to make them smile and laugh over their beautiful daughter’s cute antics.

The Frozen Porcelain Tea Set

Frozen Toys – For Family Fun

Simba is pleased to introduce Frozen Themed Toys for children that bring fun for the entire family.

Some of the highlights of Frozen Toys & Collectibles are:

  • Cameos and prints of the lovable film characters – Anna, Elsa & Olaf
  • Re-create the dreamy ambiance of the film
  • Bring a touch of fantasy & beauty to playtime
  • Functional toys based on everyday activities
  • Children can play with these toys and learn from them too
  • Stimulate senses & role-playing games
  • Enhance creativity & imagination

Simba Toys hopes your family enjoys this beautiful Frozen range and eagerly awaits testimonials from you all for these amazing new products.

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