Different Kinds of Roleplay

Roleplay involves lot of emotions, empathy, imagination and creativity. Children being so observant & intuitive are natural actors and can easily step into other people’s shoes. This helps them be more emotionally mature, express themselves, have healthy relationships and also understand self & the world in later life.


  1. Parent- Child Roleplay:

 Parents are role models for their kids and a child often follows the footsteps of the elders at home. Little ones imitate their parent’s mannerisms, style of speaking and general behaviour. This kind of play helps the child reveal his/her inner fears, nurturing qualities, values & attitudes.  This helps parents encourage the child’s healthy traits and work on the unhealthy ones.

sibling roleplay

2. Sibling Roleplay

Brothers and sisters are great company and influencers. Even in the same family, kids can have a very different personality. A child fights, plays, lives and grows up with siblings. This kind of role-play helps the child develop & express his/her unique personality, tastes and preferences. And also build a support system based on love, compassion & trust for later life.

Friends Roleplay

3. Friends Role-play

Enacting like or with friends, helps kids socialise in a group. In bigger groups based on his/her growth, the child can be a leader, a team player or a star performer. This sort of play helps the kid evolve as trustworthy, fun and a good person to spend time with.

Community Roleplay

4. Community Professionals Roleplay:

Teachers, doctors, store helpers, policemen, fire-fighters all form a part of the community we live in. This kind of roleplay helps the kid understand and express his feelings towards service to and from others he meets every day. This promotes feelings of respect, humanity and equality towards one and all.

Imaginative Roleplay

5. Fantasy Role-play

Enacting like characters from fairytales, cartoons or movies stimulates the child’s imagination. It also boosts the child’s creative & artistic side with exposure to fashion, dance and music which make life so beautiful. It’s also a good way to help kids differentiate between dreams and reality.

Which kind of role-play does your child enjoy? Share your experiences with us and get featured on the blog!







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