Making Child’s School Routine Interesting 

Intro: School is a major milestone in every child’s life where he learns, grows, plays and makes friends. You need to set a daily habit in children to make them get used to the routine and make the most of this beautiful phase of life. However, children can get bored and need constant encouragement to go to School.

Here are a few tips to make this routine wonderful for your little one:

children in classroom

  1. It’s a place to learn & have fun: School is a place to learn & discover more about the world we live in. ”Preschool literacy” helps if your child has been introduced to his/her lessons by you at home so he/she can be at ease & enjoy studies. Share your own interesting memories of School days so that your child realises that School times are the best times in life, and he/she looks forward to cherish it.




2. Time to Play: All schools have a play-time which is also the best time for all kids. In order to help your kid make the most of the play time, play some interesting and innovative games yourself at home and later ask them to share it with friends in School. This will not only improve your bonding with the child but is sure to make them enthusiastic and elevate their confidence & social skills in bonding with others in a group. Your kids will be excited to share their fun knowledge with friends.


school friends.jpg3. Making Friends: Friends are essential in life. Tell your kids about your school friends and the fun you had. Invite your child’s friends over one of the weekend, treat them with some yummy snacks and encourage your child to share his/her games with them. This will make the bonding between children stronger and make your kid more social. Having friends in the same batch makes the child appreciate school life and see it as a second home.



4. Tasty Tiffin: Pack tasty tiffin for your kid which includes their favourite treats in an innovative way with recipes that are nutritional & flavourful. This will add to their daily zest during recess as kids can be very moody & choosy about their meals. You can also pack extra snacks that your child can share with others in the class. Food always puts kids in a good mood!



5. Sweet Surprises: Once in a while pack a small gift for your child in his/her bag or a small note saying “I Love You. I’m proud of you”. This makes the child feel special and connected to you.



6. Sensible Rewards: Reward you kid for good behaviour in the form of praise, gifts like toys or treats, outings to his favourite places and more. This enhances your child’s self-esteem and keeps him/her motivated to grow. However, be thoughtful about rewards as they should not become the only motivating factor for a child to do something good or perform better.


after school fun7. After School & Weekend hours: Bond with your child after school, listen to his/her stories and share the day’s events. Let him/her watch favorite cartoons, laze, dance, doodle, be with friends and just be or do whatever brings him/her joy! Weekends are precious so make the most of them with your little one and tell him all this is because he/she has been such a great kid the whole week!!

Happy Parenting!


(All the above pictures have been sourced from Google Images)



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