Facing problems related to your child’s school? Here is what you need to do.

School is a place for children to gain knowledge, bond with other kids, learn new things. However, there are times when children face problems and aren’t able to adapt to the school environment. Here are some of the common reasons and some tips on how as a parent you can deal with them:


  1. Misbehaviour to gain Attention:  At times kids throw tantrums, misbehave or simply disturb other kids during class. They do this because of certain fears & anxiety issues to gain the attention of the teacher. Sit in a quiet place and have a heart to heart with your child. Reassure him/her that he/she is loved & precious and will do well in school gradually. Speak to the teacher. Tell your child, that to gain respect, love and appreciation he/she must give it too. Deal with this calmly without assigning names like “troublemaker” to them as they may become so just to rebel.

child with bad grades

  1. Poor Grades/Academic Performance:  Every kid has his/her own unique intelligence. While some children are creative, others are intellectual, some athletic and others technologically fast. If your child has been getting consistently low grades or weak performance reports, identify his weakness and work on them together as a team. Praise their strengths and explain how they can become an even better student if they work on problem subjects. In case you find a learning disability like dyslexia or stammering, get help from an Expert or a Communication Skills Trainer and resolve it. Be patient, it’s not the end of the world. Remember that some of the greatest leaders of the century have been poor to average performers at school.


  1. Social Anxiety/Bullying:  Some kids are late bloomers, some shy and some lack social skills and are unable to easily bond with others. As a result, they may find themselves isolated and in extreme cases ridiculed or bullied by other kids. This brings down the child’s morale & self-esteem and needs to be brought to the teacher’s attention. Encourage your kid and teach him ways in which he can make friends in his own sweet, gentle way and remind him/her that the world is safe. Tell your kids how lovable they are and would be loved by all and to just open up. Also teach your child to be brave enough to be assertive and tell the teacher immediately if he/she is being picked on.

disinterested child

  1. Not Liking School:  Some kids get fearful or experience sickness just before going to school. Some of the main reasons are fear of strict teachers, feeling burdened by too much homework, demanding time schedules and not liking the school environment. The way to deal with this is charting out your child’s day in a manner that he/she can easily adapt to and can have time to play & enjoy their favourite activities. Also speak to the teacher about how things can be worked out for effective communication. Learn ways to make your child’s School routine interesting http://bit.ly/218hvga

Share the problems you or your child has faced when school starts. Tell us the ways in which you overcame them all and get featured on the Simba blog!


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