Dealing with Parenting Issues – the Pains & Pressures

Parenting is an enjoyable process, though it has its share of pains & pressures. With most young couples juggling work & personal lives, there a number of issues that surface and lead to tensions between parents and their kids. Here are some of the common problems most parents face and how to deal with it.

Busy parents

  1. Lack of Empathy & Quality Time 

    Work stress & targets leave little time for parents to spend quality time with their kid. They are also unable to understand the many emotions their little one is going through as they themselves are worn out. A quick way to resolve this is to just hug and hold your child close for a few minutes and listen to what he/she has to say. Spend some special moments together – maybe a daily walk in the park, dinner time or a bedtime story.

Child feeling left out. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

2. Unconsciously Comparing & Competing

Sometimes parents consciously or unconsciously compare their child’s performance at school with those of his classmates or siblings. It could be better marks, sports skills or just mannerisms – everything is analysed and critiqued. This can lead to many problems in later life for the kid depending on his/her personality type – complexes, self-esteem issues, unhealthy social behaviors and so on. Just be positive in your talk with your kid – understand his uniqueness, praise his strengths and motivate him to work on his weakness.


3. Unhealthy Stress Management

Working parents face many work issues and are usually mentally, physically drained by the time they get home. They just get back to their kids or workings of the house before they can relax. Their emotions get pent-up and this often gets released by shouting at the kid, snapping unnecessarily or just being short-tempered. To deal with this maturely, just take out some me-time daily – a few minutes alone for yoga, or a short nap or a relaxing shower.


4. Keeping High Expectations & Strict Discipline

Parents are often too strict and set very high standards for achievement for their kids. Some parents also set tight deadlines and routines which the child has to consistently follow which can be very daunting and irritating for someone so young. This may lead to timid or rebellious kids who either become very eccentric or very careless in later life. To deal this tendency, just relax your personal goals and give your child the free rein to follow his/her dreams. Balance passions with practicality and nurture your children to blossom to their calling.

As a parent, what are the issues that you face, and how do you deal with them? Share your story with us and get published on the blog!


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