Ways of Keeping your Child Stress-free during Exams


Exam-time can get stressful for little kids who have so much to grasp and recall. Parents can make this time a very joyful experience in simple ways. Simba Toys tells you how.


  1. Being Cheerful & Calm Laugh, sing, be funny – exams are not such a big deal! They come and go, have an attitude of cheerful confidence and your child will adopt the same. This will help him/her reach a state of calmness, be anxiety-free and improve his mental power too.


2. Charting a Routine for Studies

Plan your child’s study days in advance during exams. Ensure the routine is balanced enough so that he/she can easily rest and resume studies without feeling burdened or bored. Very often children don’t even eat properly, so make sure the child’s snack/dinner-time remains the same, even if it involves listening to a favourite story or watching a cartoon show on TV.


3. Devoting Little Time For Fun

Getting some fresh air by visiting a nearby park or just playing outside, cycling or just being with you can help your child feel energised naturally. Enjoying a relaxing ambiance in the evening helps to rejuvenate the senses, exercises limbs and this releases endorphins or happy hormones which get him/her in a better state of emotional & mental health to perform.


4. Motivating Child

Use positive statements while speaking to your child. “You can do this”, “I believe in you”, help in motivating the child and encourage him/her to do better. Negative statements like “You will fail if you don’t study properly”, “You are dumb” are very defeating statements which affect the child’s self –esteem. Use words which boost your child’s morale and raise his/her confidence to study better.

What do you do to make exam-time stress-free for your child? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


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