Summer Tips for Kids


For kids, summer means fun, friends and a break from all the school routines. It’s a time when children just want to play and enjoy themselves. Here are some simple tips from Simba to help your kid make the most of summers.

summer clothing

Cool & Comfy Clothing  

Playing outside in sunlight will naturally make your child sweat. Loose and lightweight clothing helps them enjoy all their physical activities like running, cycling etc. more comfortably and also keep infections at bay. Shorts, capris, tees, tanks are versatile for both boys and girls.

Cotton clothes are recommended for their breathability, sweat absorbency and skin-friendliness. Caps and scarves keep your child’s head & scalp covered from harmful UV rays and dust. Wearing sneakers, kitos and flip-flops are ideal footwear options for children in the summers as they allow ease of movement, boost blood circulation and reduce tiredness.



Fresh Foods

Children want to indulge in their favourite snacks and treats during their vacations which may or may not be great for their health. Juices, smoothies, home-made sundaes, ice-creams, slushies are wiser options as compared to ice-golas, aerated drinks and packaged beverages available outside.

Eating fruit, small homemade meals, salads, sprouts, oats, poha, popcorn, baked goodies like chips, biscuits & light cakes are easier for kids to digest in the summer than rich and oily recipes. Make sure your kid carries a water bottle with him/her always as nothing can replace water’s goodness for overall well-being.


Safety Tips

Kids lose track of time when they are having fun. Limit your child’s time outdoors to prevent sunstroke. Instruct them to keep a water bottle handy and keep sipping regularly to remain hydrated. Make sure your kid is wearing sunscreen with at least 15SPF to protect their tender skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, as recommended by the doctor. Kids are so spontaneous and playful and at times can even get carried away by the freedom of holidays. Just make sure your kids are playing with friends in close proximity to home where you can easily check on them.

Let your kids just BE and join him/her in these innocent whimsies. Share your childhood stories and re-live your times too. Write to us and get featured on the blog!


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