Parenting is a Balancing Act


A working parent has to juggle between many different routines & responsibilities. Here are simple ways in which you can give your precious lots of TLC and also pamper self!

family eatign together

Meal-time Bonding

As the age old adage goes “a family that eats together, stays together”.  Dining with your children  helps the  relationship  grow stronger. Make it a routine to eat at least eat an early morning breakfast and dinner at the same time and also share your day after meals. A light evening snack-time can be fun too. Try cooking with your kid, simple things like baking cupcakes or making popcorn can make your child feel involved and close to you. Inculcate a habit of helping around the house as this helps your child gain a sense of responsibility towards their spaces and also feel close as a family unit.



Weekend Fun

Weekends spell fun for kids and for you – to catch your breath and also enjoy unhurried moments of life. Plan special outings for weekends, these need not be fancy dates or shopping trips laden with gifts; a simple visit to the local park can be so much fun. You also pack a small picnic and visit a garden or beach or just watch a movie at home. Anything that helps your little one and you relax and keeps the sense of belonging intact. Being out in nature for a walk is also very rejuvenating for overall well-being.



Bedtime Routine

Bedtime is very crucial for kids and often overlooked. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, maintain a bedtime routine with your child. Reading out a story, playing with a toy, singing songs, sharing memories, or just a warm hug – anything that makes up for the time you’re away from one another. This daily habit helps the child sleep better and have great health in the long run.


parent relaxing

Keep Aside Me-time

It’s essential you feel good about yourself too, so set some me-time aside every day to de-stress. A soothing shower, just listening to your favorite music or taking a 20 minute power nap to feel refreshed are some effective ways. These little things help in helping you feel centred again, before you get back to your kid.

Which are the difficulties you face while managing home & work lives? In which ways do you make it up to your kid? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


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