Fun ideas for a vacation at home!


Sometimes families can’t travel during vacations because of prior commitment, work demands or other responsibilities. In fact, family vacations spent at home can be loads of fun. It gives you quality time to bond, laugh, create memories and do something new every time with your favorite people.

Here are some simple ways to double your happiness, if you’re home for the holidays:


Plan Picnics

Go back to nature and spend some time outdoors. Pack a picnic with your child’s favorite foods & drinks and sit on the nearby beach or park. Take in the fresh ambiance; join in your child’s enthusiasm for rides. If you’re at the beach, make sand castles and create stories through sand art.  Watching the sunset together adds to the dreaminess of your experience.


Spend time Indoors

 If it’s too sunny outside, you could also just spend time indoors. Play board games that challenge your child’s wit. Watch films or cartoons, especially old ones that belong to your childhood and share interesting anecdotes of the generations gone by. Sing, dance, play dumb charades, its creative and so much fun if you’re off tune. Browse through family albums and get them together, get nostalgic as you look back at your times together as a family. Vacations are also a great time to de-clutter the old, worn-out or unwanted, help your kid clean his/her cupboard and re-evaluate what he/she needs.



Spend Time Outdoors

 Evenings outdoors, whether in summer and winter are both equally exciting. They give kids a chance to be active, exercise and explore new surroundings and also just BE one with nature. Football, badminton, running, skipping, cycling, skating, climbing trees…the options for outdoor fun are just endless.


Plan Get-togethers

 Vacations give you ample time to spend with your extended family, uncles, aunts, cousins and all the relatives you haven’t seen for long. Invite them over so you can have some family fun and share moments of togetherness. Your child can also know your family tree and deeper connections. If your child is missing his close friends, you could also plan play dates for him/her where the neighborhood or school kids can mingle together.

Which are your favorite ways to spend vacations at home? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.



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