Mothers are a Treasure


A mother is a treasure of love, care, empathy and more. Words aren’t enough to describe her or the joy she brings with her mere presence.  Here’s celebrating motherhood with few wise insights into her multi-dimensional persona.


Relationship begins in the Womb

From the time she conceives, a woman becomes a mother. Her breath enlivens the child, her food becomes his nutrition and her belly is his home for nine patient months. The relationship that begins in the womb lasts a lifetime and is one that moulds the child’s personality and defines trusting relationships with the rest of the world.


Nurtures & Cares for Life

Raising a child is a lifetime in itself. As a baby he/she is bathed, cleaned, clothed, fed and his every need taken care of, majorly by the mother. This continues till the child reaches his/her teens and early adult years where he learns about that the on-goings of the world and finds his feet and lays his roots in the world. He embarks on his own path with dreams, aspirations, and goals.


Companion & Guide

At every stage of growth – as a baby, infant, toddler, teen, adult – a mother plays a pivotal role. She not only looks after his basic physical needs but also nurtures his emotions, encourages his talents, guides him through problems and answers his curious questions including everything from religion, finances, glamour to politics.


Best Friend & Secret-keeper

A child’s first words are music to the parents. Even when he babbles and communicates in his unique baby language, the mother understands everything he’s trying to convey. As the child grows so do his conversations with people – talks with father, grandparents, siblings, friends, classmates, teachers and every person he encounters through life. Often mothers with their sensitive nature & sensible advice become a child’s best friend. Their ability to keep private matters hidden also make them the best secret-keepers, allowing a child to fully express whatever he/she is feeling without any hesitation.

There’s so much that makes mothers precious like a treasure. Tell us how you feel as a mother and share stories of your mom shaping you as a person. Share your story and get featured on the blog.


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