Hobby Ideas for your Child during Holidays


Hobbies add interesting dimensions to our personality. An art form, a craft, or a new creative activity boosts intelligence and also relieves stress. Holidays are the perfect time for kids to explore something new, Simba Toys shares fresh ideas.

9th May_Center

Designing Handmade Jewelry 

 Every girl loves to accessorize and wear cute trinkets. Simba Art & Fun set provides all the essentials needed for girls to create their own fashionable bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. Putting together beads, crystals, and charms in a self-visualized design help the child think-out-of-box. It’s great for the imagination and also helps the kid develop her individual taste. Handmade jewelry is also a great gifting option and for best friends to match and wear – just for fun!


Mosaics, Paintings, Sketching & more

 We all doodle at some point and it’s a great stress reliever. Pictures speak a thousand words and often what we draw gives insight to our moods, feelings, and psychological states. Creating mosaics with embellishments, painting natural scenes, portraits or just free-styling is great therapy and also enhances the child’s visual, tactile and color recognition ability. These can be framed and used as décor around the house.


Creating knick-knacks for Home

 During the holidays, kids can be taught how to recycle old stuff into art. Old glass bottles, boxes, vases can be beautified with sequins, paints, beads and crystal work. Re-decorated bottles can also be used for keeping gardening plants, fresh flowers in the living room or just install fairy lights into them and use them as corner lights for your spaces. Crochet creations, table cloths with handwork, bags from old tees or denim are some of the ways kids can create knick-knacks for home and for themselves.


  Quilling & Clay Crafts

Quilling is a paper art and requires loads of patience. Being so versatile, it’s great for creating small art installations, jewelry and intricate details for just about anything. Clay crafts also offer variety since they are so malleable by nature. Children can use different kinds of clay to create daily objects, figures, symbols and even use some to design decorative pots, frames, and lots more.

Which hobbies your child enjoys the most? What are some of his holiday ideas? Share your story with us and you could get featured on the blog.




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