Challenges of a Modern Day Father


Modern day fathers face many challenges. It’s important that they learn to resolve these so that they can build healthy relationships with their kids while also managing their family life and nurturing their personal ambitions.


Balancing Work & Family 

Balance is key to living happily and in harmony especially as the modern world has its share of complexities. Amidst all this a family man struggles to make a living, make it big in his career and also find time for home and if he’s lucky, some me-time too. This often results in tiredness, impatience, health concerns, which take a toll on their personal happiness. Planning the day well, spending time with family after work in the early evenings & at night, keeping weekends work-free, planning short getaways are some of the ways in which fathers can achieve some balance.


Being a friend v/s Being a father 

Sometimes kids need a listening ear, a sounding board that does not offer advice or lectures, but just lets them be. A friendly attitude with kids helps them be more open about their feelings, respects their individualism and brings a lot of light heartedness in the relationship. At the same time father is also a guiding light for kids, helping them find their feet and pointing them in the right direction so they can achieve their dreams. It’s essential to maintain a balance between being friendly and at the same time keep a grip on children’s activities. Understanding your children and their emotions well can help in knowing which particular role to play at what time.


Expressing your Emotional Side

A father is someone who is like a protective shield for children against the odds of the world. Even if he is facing problems on the professional front or elsewhere he has to put up a brave face in front of kids. This may make him less vocal and expressionless on occasions. At the same time it is important for a father to maintain the bond of love a care with their children and have a heart-to-heart conversation with kids. Striking a balance between the two situations becomes important. Leaving the worries aside, when you are with your children is a way out of this challenge. Doing a lot of self-talk or sharing problems with your spouse will help you vent out your feeling and help you stay calm and composed with your kids.


Being Progressive & Giving Roots

A father has to help his kids to be progressive, stay updated with the new things that will help him stay abreast with his peer group. At the same time, it becomes essential to give kids strong roots, telling them about their cultural, spiritual beliefs and ancestral tree. It gives them a foundation and makes them value what they have. Listen to your kid’s fresh perspectives and see how these merge with family traditions and then reach middle way. This approach can help you give them roots to keep them grounded in reality and also wings to enjoy their freedom as they get a taste of life.

Which are the struggles you face as a modern day father? Share your views with us and you could get featured on the blog.




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