How to correct your mistakes as a Parent


We all are humans and often make mistakes. Parents who are expected to be the role model for their kids, stumble at times.  Here are ways they can make it up to their kid and reinvent self to evolve as a better parent & family person.


Forgive Yourself, You’re Human

 Parents often feel guilty for not giving the child enough time & attention due to responsibilities, shame for being inadequate or lacking enough money to fulfill child’s every wish. This leads to unhappy parent-child relationships which eventually leads to unhealthy habits in kids to gain attention & love. Forgiveness can help parents to release emotional baggage, guilt, and shame. Parents are humans and humans make mistakes. So don’t be so hard on yourself and release the need to be perfect or god-like or a super-human.


Start Afresh With Optimism

 Once you forgive yourself, you will be better able to love your child and children naturally being soft-hearted and empathic will welcome you with open arms.  Begin a new chapter with your kid, based on love, faith, friendship and lots of positive energy. Keep the bond light-hearted and fun, and stay rooted as a caring & responsible parent. Try finding humour in situations; it’s good to laugh off worries and little troubles.


Repair Relationship with Love & Patience

 Sometimes relations go sour, especially when kids are growing up and want more freedom for themselves. Be patient for the positive changes in the relationship to appear and avoid the need to nag or be bossy. Love your kid unconditionally – it is the best healer. Make it up to your kid in kind and gentle ways – with quality time spent together amidst nature and simple conversations. Talk about the best memories you have of your kid, go through family pictures, it’s sure to bring you closer as a family.


Introspect on Personal Issues

Most parents these days are juggling between home & work and naturally have issues. Keep a check on your personal problems like anger, depression or stress and avoid using your kid as a punching bag, an escape or a shield to protect yourself from taking up responsibility. Introspect and look within so you can positively work on your shortcomings. If its anger – vent it out through physical exercise or writing it out, and not by lashing out at your kid. If its depression, talk to a counselling therapist or join a support group. If you’re stressed, just get some me-time to perk up or meditate and get your energy back. Dealing with these problems in mature, sensible manner also sets a positive example in front of your kid which they can follow once they grow up and are in similar situations.

Which are the mistakes you have made as a parent and how did you rectify them? Share your story with us and you could get featured on the blog.



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