Adjusting to a New School, Grade or Class


Children often get very emotional and even fearful as they enter a new school, grade or class. Here are simple ways in which you can reassure your child and get him to settle in the new environs.


See it as an Adventure

Children love new things but can be very scared or even overwhelmed by the idea of going to a new school, grade or entering a new class. Prepare them for the newness in their own interesting way. Getting them new bag pack, stationary items and more gets them excited to use their belongings in that environment. At the same time, explain how interesting it will be, to enter into something new and exciting and make new friends. Strengthen his friendly and cheerful side, so that he can embrace such experiences with an attitude of optimism, rather than that of fear.


Be observant and updated

Changes in the child’s behavior such as separation anxiety, shyness, nonstop chatter is natural. Just be observant that it’s not touching extremes and instead help him find his footing & stability. Meet their teacher and stay updated of their progress both on academic and social front. Additionally, praise his resilience for settling in so well, it’s a boost to the child’s adaptability and social skills.


Positively Prepare Your Kid

It’s natural for kids to get emotional and anxious as they leave behind something familiar and venture into the unknown.  Make it a point to have a daily talk with your kid and keep it positive, focusing on all the things he’s doing right and inspire him to do better. Also, care for his new routine by going through his time table and keep track of the teacher’s feedback & comments on his classwork. Pack his school bag carefully to ensure he’s not forgetting any homework/book/notes which can create an embarrassing situation for him.


Make More Friends

Friends are the greatest support systems a child can have in school. Although it’s tough to leave behind old friends sometimes, a child can be reassured at how wonderful it’s going to be as he finds new ones and play so many games with them. Help your child make new friends at school by inviting his classmates in the neighborhood for a small snack party over the weekend. Have fun games and distribute gifts. You will see your child making new bonds of friendships effortlessly.

Which are some of the problems that your child has faced while adjusting to a new school or class? How did you resolve them? Share your story with us and you could get featured on the blog.




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