Things to Remember While Buying Toys


It’s easy to just walk into a store and buy playthings for your child. However certain discretion is essential to ensure you’re picking a safe, useful & entertaining toy for your kid. Here are some things to remember for your next shopping trip in a toy store.


Safety first!

It’s of prime importance that all toys for kids are safe & non-toxic as these come into direct contact with babies’ skin. Also, small children often tend to put toys in their mouth. International Certifications like EN-71, ASTM, SGS and so on indicate that the toy has been tested & approved for safety and hygiene. This certification appears as a label, sticker or is printed on the box or toy, so check that before your purchase. BPA-free plastic that’s thick, durable & long-lasting is recommended for all kinds of playthings. Plush toys or art/creative toys also carry approvals for non-toxic elements and colors that are skin-friendly.


Are the toys helping your child grow better?

Toys are a great learning tool and those with light, sound, numbers, alphabets, rhymes and more are a great way to introduce your child to basic concepts. These stimulate the senses (visual, audio, tactile) and boost the child’s perception from an early age. Kids who play with such vibrant toys easily recognize colors, shapes, tunes and are more intelligent & have better memories than others. Certain playthings enhance a child’s physical development & growth, for instance toys with catch & throw features, racing, climbing and more. Pick the ones best suited to your child’s persona, and watch him grow through playtime.


Entertainment Value

Toys are a world of their own and soon become a child’s treasure. Playthings such as keyboards, guitars and those with racing features bring adventure & action in a child’s life. These help kids have fun and stay entertained. Toys with creative touches such as mosaics, paintings, DIY craft features bring spontaneity in a child’s life, helping him create beautiful things. Keep your child’s interests in mind and also pick a plaything that will help him have a more well-rounded personality

Toys 2

Variety & Age Group

A variety of toys is a great way to indulge your child and also good for the child’s growth. Different kinds of toys give kids different kinds of exposure – toys with racing features bring action, those with art & crafts boost his creativity, plush toys make him caring, dolls inspire role-play and so on. At each stage, each of these toys have a special influence on your child’s growth, so pick the ones which are most appropriate at each stage. For instance, plush toys are favoured by newborns, musical toys are great for growing infants & toddlers, craft toys for pre-school kids and so on.

Hope these pointers help you shop sensibly and buy the best toys for your kid. What do you look for while buying playthings? Share your story with us and you could get featured on the blog.


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