Tips to Keep Your Child Away From Gadgets

gadgets kid

In a world where gizmos are part of everyday living, kids get addicted to this tech savvy lifestyle. While they get smarter at a very young age, it can have several harmful effects to their health in many ways. Here are simple ways you can keep your child away from gadgets.

Sibling playing hand puppet

Draw their attention towards interesting & educational toys

Toys with interesting and entertaining features are a great way to keep your kid occupied. For instance, toys with unusual color patterns, rules of play, action figures or hide-and-seek are great to keep him occupied. Educational & Role play toys also help the child to learn and grow. Ensure that you get him toys suited to his age with certain levels of difficulty and drama. If he has outgrown playthings age-wise, he will no longer learn or be curious and switch back to playing with your cell phone. Toys with gizmo-like features such as mobile toys, laptop toys and TV toys are also a good idea.


Take Him Out To Play

Nothing equals outdoor fun and activities. The ambiance, the fresh air and company of kids the same age is healthy for every child. Cycling, swinging in the park, running games, badminton, catch and throw games like Squap are some very exciting past-times. These have multiple health benefits for your kid, making him agile and enthusiastic. Malls have interesting amusement stores and play zones, a weekend visit to such places can really keep your child engaged.


Introduce Creative Activities

Creative activities open your child to newer and more spontaneous avenues of growth and learning and of course – these are super fun! Get your kid enrolled in art classes and watch his painting, drawing and sewing skills get polished. A music class is great for kids who love to perform and take on the stage with their original tunes. Dancing and skating is great for kids who have high energy, are expressive and love physical activity.


Keep Them Away From Sight  

Another way of keeping your child away from gadgets is to keep them hidden once they’re home from school. You could switch off the WIFI, or the main switch of the TV, keep the laptop inside, your cell phone on silent or out of reach and just ensure your child loses access to similar gizmos. This can be tough at first, but soon your kid will get used to living & enjoying this simplicity of life.

Which are some of the ways you keep your child away from gadgets? Share your story with us and you could get featured on the blog.




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