Benefits of Soft Toys

Child with Soft Toy

Plush toys are sweet looking but also very educational and entertaining. These have multiple benefits for the child at every level for overall health and sense of well-being.


Role-play Buddies

Plush toys come in varied forms – animals, birds, nature-inspired things, dolls, fairy-tale characters and more. These are soft, cuddly with open smiling faces and honest expressions which appeal to the tender hearts of little ones. A child selects the one they are most connected to as these are the ones they use for their projections and role-play. Plush toys are popular for use in enactments and imaginary scenarios such as those used in puppetry or costume themed dramas. They add charm to the child’s overall personality and are often the inspiration for their stories as they begin to speak and form their own vocabulary.


Child’s First Companions

 Often a plush toy is a child’s first companion. Kids immediately form a kinship with them, making them their friend with a cute name. Through their innocent imaginations they form their personality, giving them their own special wardrobe and habits. Their conversations in the everyday life grow as they learn to speak.  Their plush toy is also a favorite bedside companion and also they take along with them while traveling to hold on to something familiar in a new place.


Many Emotional Benefits

Scientific research has discovered the many emotional benefits that children gain from by playing with plush toys. They kiss, cuddle, hug and a lot more to emote their feelings using these playthings and in the process release their happiness & sadness. A child’s behavior with plush toys reveals a lot about their innermost experiences – holding one too close can indicate fear or a need for comfort, talking to a plush toy everywhere can indicate the child needs friends, while throwing or punching one can reveal some form of pent-up anger. Parents can thus take the right action to enhance the child’s well-being.


Creative Stimulation

As children grow older, kids may learn how to make handmade toys using fabric, accessories and more. They learn how to stitch these using needlework or sewing machines, and also make special clothes and accessories for them. These are creatively stimulating for the kid and enhance their visual ability, colour recognition ability, perception and more. This lays the foundation for other creative professions in later life such as designing.

Tell us which are the educational benefits you have observed your child gaining by playing with plush toys? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.



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