Taking Care of Toys


Each toy is a joyful treasure in its own, bringing immense value in a child’s life and so it’s essential to take care of them to lend them more longevity. Here are simple ways you and your little one can enhance a toy’s shelf life.


Keep them Away from Heat/Water Sources

 Electric and battery operated toys have internal circuits and technical features. If ignored or misused, these can cause serious damage to the plaything as well as the person and environs they are with. For instance, toys kept in damp places or those that get accidentally wet lead to corrosion and become weak with no functioning power.  So keep these away from heat and water sources to avoid unseen hazards. Look for the symbols on the packing to do the right thing.

cleaning toys

Clean them Regularly

Dust and germs often accumulate in the insides as well as the outer surface of toys. These spread disease as a child is constantly playing with his hands which carry these bacteria to his face and body. Once a week use a soft cotton cloth or earbuds and dip these in sanitizing agents to wipe away the dust. Plush playthings often get lint, insects and other unseen bacteria clinging to their soft surfaces so wash them regularly & separately using fabric conditioners to lend them fragrance and shine and dry them in natural sunlight for a fresher look. As your child grows, teach him to carefully put away his toys separately in a cupboard/box – it inculcates care for his personal belongings.


Fixing & Removing Batteries

 Ensure batteries are always placed in alignment with the ‘+/-’ polarity to avoid leakage of acids. After use, remove the batteries from the toy unit as keeping them fixed can also lead to leakage inside the toy. Avoid mixing old and new batteries, and other rechargeable batteries to maximize energy.

soft toys

Repair or Discard Broken Toys

 Instead of throwing away broken toys see if they can be fixed, but it should be avoided for toys having sharp edges. Small parts which are broken need to be discarded to avoid a choking hazard. Stick back parts with tape or glue, and stitch back plush toys with simple stitches and fix their hands, feet or other broken parts to help your child hold on to a soft companion for longer. Discard toys in an eco-friendly manner by sending them back to the company or sending them to recycling units.

Which are some of the ways you take care of your child’s toys? Share your story with us and featured on the blog.


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