Encourage A Blooming Mindset In Your Child.

One of the areas of concern for parents is their child’s development. A healthy and gradual growth in    child’s behavior yields proper child development. Same things do not interest the kids for a prolonged period. Their taste and preference keep on changing with each passing day. This is good, as learning new things can be adventurous for them. The more they explore, their brain elasticity improves as they tend to learn and grow more.


As parents, it’s necessary that we introduce our children to a growth mindset. A stable or firm mindset may be enfeebled in nature but would help to cultivate “Try Try till you Succeed” phenomena in them. A never dying spirit can be easily and gradually cultivated and would help them to build criteria where effort and hard work leads to success. Here are some things you can do:

Give Honest Feedback.


An honest feedback helps improve. Therefore as parents, it is essential that you share an honest feedback with your children on their work/performance. Keep the positive things at the apex and the mistakes to the elementary. Guide them on their failures in a simple way. Always put things across in a better and lighter way without harming self-esteem of your kids.

Stretch your child’s capabilities


Let the child explore himself / herself to the fullest. They should try out different avenues and aspects of their interest area. This would enhance their abilities and would pull out the best in them. Cultivate ‘Trial and Error’ method in them so that they learn from their mistakes and give their best. This would open up the ability of constantly doing something new and innovative thus unfolding their hidden talent.

Praise their efforts


Appreciation is always necessary. However small the achievement is, appreciation leads to motivation and satisfaction. Parents need to congratulate children on their accomplishments regularly without hampering their progressive attitude. Even if the desired result is not achieved appreciate the efforts made throughout the process.

Guide and improve them where necessary


Children should always feel the need to achieve more and better. Carefully bring in their faults and guide them to overcome. Make them walk through the process again under your surveillance and correct wherever necessary. Show them different possibilities so that their thinking prism widens and they start looking beyond the horizon.

A child’s brain is always developing and therefore new things are grasped easily. It keeps on learning new and adventurous things.  Encourage a blooming mindset in your children; it will shape up their overall personality.

How do you help your child to develop a growth mindset? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


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