Why is it important to ‘Be friends’ with your children?


Being friendly with your kid is not just ‘a cool fad’ but it has many emotional, mental, social, psychological benefits.


Emotional Security

Many psychological and behavioral studies have found that kids who have friendly parents are emotionally secure. One of the main reasons is that these kids can talk and emote anything in front of their parents without the fear of being judged or punished. They can be themselves without any pressure to be a certain way or fit into a certain mold. This emotional security helps build a strong foundation for relationships in the future.


Expressive Kids

Kids who can share their emotional states with parents freely are very expressive and well-adjusted. These kids are in touch with their emotions and don’t feel the need to suppress what they are feeling as their parents accept and resolve what their emotional needs are at any time. Kids with very strict parents often turn into rebels to gain that love and attention or turn into recluses completely shutting out the outside world.


Kids are more sensible, mature

Kids with friendly parents are more sensible and mature than others as they are better adjusted emotionally and socially. They will strive for independence to do things, often make good leaders encouraging others to accomplish their goals and find contentment in their own achievements without the need for comparisons. Kids who are unable to get this friendly rapport at home often indulge in attention seeking behavior or have reckless tendencies to get things done their way.


Contentment & Conversations at home

Parents who are friends with their kids are content with people around them and within themselves. They won’t go outside seeking superficial relationships or interactions as the conversations and bonding with their parents enriches them at all levels. Parents often become their sounding board and counselor, helping them gain perspective simply by talking out whatever they are feeling.

Do you share a friendly equation with your kids? How has it enhanced your relationship? Share your story with us and you could get featured on the blog.


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