The Big Kid Within


Parents gain immense healing& joy by playing with their kids and here are some of the positive changes they experience by playing with toys and games on a regular basis.

Need for parents to de-stress

Working parents are often juggling between so many tasks the whole day. They need a break after fulfilling so many responsibilities at the workplace and then getting back at home to take care of their family. Playing with toys and games along with their kids is an instant mood-lifter. This sort of light-heartedness boosts their energy and sense of humor.


Family Bonding

 Playing with kids, along with their toys, helps in emotional bonding and connecting with them in a very easy-going manner. Often play-time becomes a great time for teaching your kid more about family values in a more fun manner rather than making it a very serious subject. It helps kids feel closer to their parents and see them as friendly confidantes whom they can talk about anything in the world and not someone they have to obey out of fear.


Health Benefits

 Playing with toys, arts, crafts, simple board games and more have many health benefits for adults. It helps them heal their ‘inner child’ and once again relive simpler times of childhood. Engaging in such fun activities releases endorphins which uplift a person’s mood, makes them feel better and stress-free in just a few minutes. This result in better work performance, ability to think laterally, more creatively and also enhances problem-solving skills in the long run.

Mother and daughter playing.

Promotes Happiness & Well-being

 Playing with toys helps parents reflect and smile back at fond memories of growing up and being with their friends. Such positive memories enhance personal joy and bring back spontaneity & innocence associated with childhood. This boosts their zing for life and also promotes their overall sense of well-being.

Which are some of the positive changes you experience after playing with your kid? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


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