Create your own Diwali Decor


Diwali is a time for festivity and decorations add to the joyful mood. Handmade decorations are even more charming and these become memories for the kid to look back to. Here are some DIY ideas for your little one to create this festival’s décor.



Create Beaded Festoons & Weaves

 Festoons at the entrance, on windows and walls, are a welcoming sight. Use Art & Fun’s 1000Pcs Colour Beads Set to string together rows of sparkly bead strings. Also, try Art & Fun Beads Weaving Machine to create fancy mats and keepsakes for your interiors. One can check the embellishments from the Art & Fun Deluxe Beads. The shapes, colours and sizes of these beads helps your kid come up with unusual festoons and other wall hangings. The beads sparkle as they catch the light. And the best part is – these won’t spoil easily, so you can re-use these beaded designs for many years!


Decorate Diyas and Corners

 Diwali is known as the ‘festival of lights’ so diyas and lamps are integral to the celebrations. Hand paint your diyas and use sequins from Art & Fun’s Sequins Flower/Heart Set to create your own designs on the outer surfaces and borders to give your earthen pots that extra sheen.  Diyas are usually kept in every corner of the house, but a child’s room or nursery becomes a tricky spot. Try something different and make paper puppets instead! Art & Fun Create Your Paper Puppets has many ideas to help you and your kid craft out a range of shapes, handmade bags and paper figures to make you smile.


Create Rangolis

 Rangolis are a custom for many Indian households. Along with powder colours, many people are now opting for pre-set rangoli designs made from plastic sheets and other durable materials. These have to just be placed in a form of your choice and can be re-used many times. Use sequins from Art & Fun’s Sequin Fun Flower/Heart to design motifs and symbols. Also, check the Art & Fun Suncatcher Plastic to create vibrant pieces that will enliven your spaces.


Design Cards

 Greeting cards are slightly old-fashioned but highly sentimental to convey your best regards to loved ones. Teach your little one to write and decorate his own cards. Art & Fun’s Stencil Set, Art & Fun Letter Stamp Set and Art & Fun Stamp Set have pre-cutout shapes and stencils to help your little one draw out and quickly stamp out paper cards in many colours. These also stimulate the child’s imagination and creativity and also bring out the expressive side of him as he writes out his personal messages to family and friends.

 Which are some of the ways in which you decorate your spaces during Diwali? Share your ideas with us and get featured on the blog.


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