Safety Tips for your child this Diwali


Diwali is an awaited Hindu Festival that is celebrated with much aplomb. However, using crackers and other chemical substances can have a detrimental effect on self and environment. Here are some ways in which your child can enjoy a safe and Happy Diwali.


Green Diwali

A ‘Green Diwali’ is the need of the hour considering the care the environment needs and the slowly depleting ecological system. Instead of crackers, kids can help in lighting lamps, strings of fairy lights inside and outside homes, decorating spaces with flowers, making rangolis and other creative and softer means. Gifting and enjoying sweets is another custom in many households.


Keeping a Safe Distance

In case your child is keen on bursting crackers; select those which have passed the standards of safety and cause minimal pollution. Teach your child about maintaining a safe distance from crackers as these can cause injury or burns if lit from very near. While watching them too, your kid needs to stay away from those that cause loud noise or are too bright for the eyes.


Protect Plant & Animal Life  

The smoke and sparkles of crackers spoil the leaves and stop the growth of trees and potted plants with harmful chemicals and gases they emit. Crackers that rise up in the sky often injure or kill birds and break their nests while noise pollution affects the hearing and triggers fearful emotional responses in dogs, cats and other animals in the neighborhood. Kids need to be made aware how essential plants and animals are to our environment and to be empathetic of their well-being as a species.


Minimize sound, dust pollution:

Kids need to be made aware of the effects crackers can have on human health too. The sight of crackers might be a visual treat but it has many harmful after-effects on human beings. Inhaling these harmful gases and dust causes respiratory illnesses and skin allergies. Instead, kids can get together, play games, sing songs, and dance – celebrate in their natural spontaneous ways.

Which are some of the green and safety tips you observe during Diwali? Share your feedback with us and get featured on the blog.



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