Children’s Day Celebrations


We were all babies once, and children make the world go round. Celebrating the playfulness, the innocence, the sheer joy and naughtiness of being a child is crucial to any society – because they are the leaders and people of the future generations to follow. Here are some quick ideas on making this a fun day for ‘tiny humans’.


Diverse Origins: 

Every country around the world celebrates Children’s Day on different dates and the Universal Children’s Day is on 20th November as declared by the United Nations. In India, this day “Bal Diwas” is celebrated on 14th November, on India’s prominent national leader Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday, fondly called ‘Chacha Nehru’ by children. His immense contributions include child welfare especially in rural areas where he made it compulsory for primary kids to receive free education and also eradicated malnutrition by supporting better eating conditions and organised milk and other meal supplies for them.


Fancy Dress:

 This day is celebrated by kids with lots of enthusiasm and popular dress-up parties or ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ is often held for pampering and indulging their whims. Children love to wear costumes and enact a role and this is a very healthy medium for them to channel their energy and imagination. It’s both fun and educational as kids dress up as national leaders, animals, birds, nature inspired things, fairy tale characters and more. Adding to their appearance is the unique sounds, make-up and speeches as they bring these varied characters to life.


Games & More:

 On this day children can just ‘be’ in a state of joy and fun all day. They can play games with friends; enjoy amusements, dance and more. Competitions and quizzes are also held to gauge their knowledge and wit. Sweets are often distributed along with gifts like stationery kits, party supplies, fancy tattoos and masks for them to go all out and make this day memorable with friends.


Nurture Inner Child:

Adults/ big kids can nurture their inner child on this day by participating in fun events with their kids or cooking something special at home. Simba Stores in malls have events and contests for parents and their kids which have interesting prizes up for grabs. These are emotionally fulfilling for parents who get to re-live their childhood, and for kids to bond with the parents and make many happy memories together.

Which are some of the ways you celebrate Children’s Day with your kids? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


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