Playtime Techniques to Boost Child’s Creativity


‘Creativity is Intelligence having fun’ said Albert Einstein.  Children who regularly express themselves in a creative form are better adjusted, emotionally happy and also have better harmony with others. Here are simple playtime techniques to boost your child’s creativity.


Through Role-play:

 Children are very malleable and can easily empathize with anyone. They follow their hearts and natural basic instincts and this is why they are great at role-plays of all kinds. Role-play is more than just an enactment – it allows kids emote deeper feelings, express views and empathize with other beings. This helps the child gradually gain fresh perspectives, understand other’s viewpoints, relate to them better and live in harmony with people from all walks of life.


Art & Crafts:  

 Art and crafts also help a child express their creativity in many ways. For instance, doodling helps them with shapes, clay helps them mold different objects, painting mosaics helps them view the world in many hues, and jewelry designing and sewing helps them weave together newer things. Creating things that they can use from their own hands and imagination is a very fulfilling experience at many levels. Gradually, this process boosts the child’s color perception, shape, visual and tactile senses.


Unusual Playthings: 

 Playthings which have different functions are very entertaining and educational. Their unusual functions such as visuals images, sounds or music, captivating expressions, action movements stimulate a child to think out-of-the-box. The same toy keeps them occupied for a long time as it can be played with in many ways and they can enjoy their play-time.


Song & Dance:  

Children are always inspired and spontaneous – dancing and humming tunes to their own whim. Both these art forms are useful in helping the child gain confidence and stage presence. Child learns to wow the audience by singing or through dancing or both; this is entertaining for others and a very joyful medium for little ones to express their emotions and energy. Gradually, singing helps kids strengthen their speech and vocal cords and dancing improves agility, flexibility and hand-eye co-ordination.

Which are some of the ways in which you encourage and stimulate your child’s creativity? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Playtime Techniques to Boost Child’s Creativity

  1. I love your Einstein quote and your overview of various types of open-ended play. I feel that games and puzzles have one outcome, to win, and don’t allow children to really develop their imaginations.
    Gwynn Torres
    The Creativity Institute

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Gwynn, thank you for sharing your views with us. You are right that children play games and puzzles with the intent to win or excel over others. This objective makes the activity interesting and keeps children excited and motivated. However, in that process their physical and metal abilities do get enhanced. What we need to see is the kind of games that are needed to enhance a particular skill in children 🙂


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