We love Kids!


A child carries forward the family lineage and brings with him/her a treasure of divine gifts – happiness, cuteness, innocence and much more. Here are our heartfelt reasons on why we love babies and everything about them!


Cuteness Overload

Just the sight and sound of a little child turns insides to mush and makes one feel joyful. Each child has their own unique behavior and mannerisms. They are instant dose of happiness and warmth, and even a few moments in their company decreases negative flow of energy. The way they smile, giggle, do silly things, make funny gestures, babble in baby language, come up with fanciful stories – it’s an instant dose of happiness.

children 3.jpg

Source of Pure Joy

Spending time with your little one or any kid can really boost your mood and overall well-being. It’s an instant stress-reliever as kids are so simple and spontaneous in their thoughts and actions. Their open laughter, warm hugs, cuddles are enough to help you forget your woes, and make you smile again. Their pure natures and emotional generosity will bring joy even to the most depressed or tired person.  A child’s love and presence can often mend broken relationships and bring zest to existing ones.


Innocent Perceptions

A child has no pre-conceptions, the way they look at the world and everything in it is fresh and new, without any judgement or bitterness or sadness. This is motivating for adults and those who are jaded or depressed to perceive things differently. Their innocence captures the heart and inspires the mind – it’s very contagious and charming to be in their guileless company. Their mischievousness makes one feel like having fun and be carefree too.


All Embracing Attitude

Children are fascinated by everything they see, hear, feel or touch. Everything from toys to daily use items to something inventive – it immediately attracts them and activates their imagination. They play with these things and start caring for them as if they are real. They have this same embracing attitude for people too, as they are so trusting. A child’s empathy often changes an adult’s cynicism and helps them get in touch with their own emotions which naturally heals and frees the person from sadness and other lower frequency emotions.

Every child is a beautiful gift to the World. Tell us why you love kids and get featured on the blog.


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