Meet the Minions!


These charming fellows called the Minions are always looking to serve and have fun. Here’s to the Magic of the Minions from Simba.


Plush & Mush

The adorable three Minions friends from the popular animated feature The Minions (2015) and Despicable Me are now available as cuddly plush toys from Simba. Made from premium quality fine fur, these are soft playthings which conform to International Standards of Safety. Their lovable expressions and charming personalities have been lovingly captured to bring cheer to your child’s play-time.


Bonny Bob

This little minion is usually seen carrying a little bear to comfort and cuddle. Always getting away with doing his own thing, rules never seem to apply to him in any situation. Bob is bonny, carefree and cute – see your child instantly get carried away with his charm and persona.


Silly Stuart

This one-eyed minion with a medium height is seen with a guitar and loves to play some happy tunes. He enjoys eating bananas and keeps dreaming about them and looking for them in unexpected places. Often found breaking the rules, let your child indulge his crazy, rebellious side with the mischievous and silly Stuart.


Caring Kevin

Leader of this fun trio, Kevin is the tallest minion of them all. He makes the rules, gives direction to his peers, and is brave in the face of crisis situations. Caring and conscientious, trust Kevin to save the day and always come up with ingenious solutions. With this minion, your child will act with courage and responsibility in fun role-plays with his gang of friends.

What do you love about the minions? Which one’s your favorite? Share your stories with us and get featured on the Simba Toys Blog.


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