5 Ways to make Merry this X’mas!


Among all holidays, Xmas is every child’s favorite. It’s a season for families to enjoy food and have fun with friends and loved ones as they are home for the holidays. Pick from Simba’s 5 Simple Ways to make merry this Xmas –


House-party: Nothing compares to the masti of a house-party! Decorate your house with festoons, cards, balloons and hide gifts in unexpected places for your kid. Invite their friends and parents, switch on some music and dance away. You could also keep a themed party, wear masks and costumes to add a fantasy element and dreaminess to the evening.


Mall Events: Participate in mall events and online contests which have exciting prizes at this time of the year. Malls have kid friendly zones, and are lit up with beautiful lights and decor for children to experience a good time. These are organized by stores and have many activities to keep your child engaged and enjoy a good time, often with someone dressed up as Santa singing “Ho! Ho! Ho!”. Simba Toys has in-store celebrations and offers for all its patrons and shoppers seeking special moments with their little ones.


Tour the Neighborhood: Get together a small group with kids and parents and sing carols as you walk around the neighborhood.  Or organize a small party within the society premises with each family bringing in a recipe and make it a pot-luck. One of the oldest traditions of ‘burning the old man’ is still popular among kids who dress up a stuffed life-size man with old clothes and go from home to home, getting donations and burn it or keep it away to symbolize letting go of the year gone by.


Pamper with Playthings: In every season and for any occasion, kids love toys and playthings – so pamper your kid with a bunch of new things to play with. Simba has an exciting range with special toys for Xmas which celebrate the dreaminess and joy of the season. Musical toys, plush toys, doll sets and the Frozen Range are favorites for kids of all ages.


Have a Picnic: Family picnics especially in winter can be so much fun. Go to a nearby park/garden and have an impromptu picnic with treats, rides and outdoor evening games. Watch the stars blink to life around dusk or just drive around – the options to enjoy the outdoors are endless. If your kid loves adventures, you could also plan a camping trip or a hiking trip and explore nature in all its beauty.

Which are some of the ways you and your loved ones celebrate Xmas. Share your ideas with us and get featured on the blog.


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