Winter Care for Kids!


Winters are every child’s favorite. But the weather can be chilly for their delicate health. Here are simple tips from Simba to nourish & care for your kid.

Warm Woolens

Woolen clothing especially sweaters, turtlenecks and vests are recommended for all kids. These keep a child cosy all through the day and ensure he’s protected from the harsh cold. Apart from wool, thick cotton and suede jackets, thermal leggings, denim pants are great clothing options for little ones.  Mittens, gloves, socks, stoles, mufflers are essential add-ons depending on the degree of the cold climate you’re living in.

Right Shoes

Closed shoes, boots with thick soles and sneakers with insulation will easily help your child move about in ease and be comfy all through the season. These will sustain even if your kid is walking or playing on uneven paths or snow. If you’re indoors, slip-on shoes and thick soled slippers are ideal and ensure your child is wearing socks to avoid cold feet.

Skin & Hair Musts

Skin and hair-care is an absolute must for the winters.  Apply creams and oils to your child’s skin immediately after a bath to keep it moisturized. Petroleum jelly or homemade ghee is great for hydrating the lips. Regularly massage your child’s scalp with oil to boost the growth and strength of hair follicles. A beanie to keep your child’s head & ears covered in the outdoors is a great way to take care of him/her in the winters.

Good Food

A balanced and nutritious diet is an absolute must for all kids. Thick soups, sprout broths, lentils with rice, vegetables with roti are some things every growing child eats. In winters, the metabolic rate is faster, so let your child enjoy rich & indulgent things like Indian sweets, cream cakes and hot chocolate drinks as these will provide him with adequate energy and also keep his hunger pangs at bay. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios are healthy snacks in-between meals.

Which are some of the Winter Care Tips you follow for your kid? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


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