Choose your Child’s name Wisely!


Selecting a name that sounds beautiful, is memorable, and that’s in alignment with your child’s energy and persona is a tough task. Here are some things you could consider before deciding on a name for you little one.


It’s For Life:

We carry our names for life. Families, especially parents-to-be spend hours trying to select the perfect name as that’s how their little one will always be addressed by everyone at home, friends, relatives, schoolmates, colony members and possibly everyone they meet.  A lot of people follow astro advice, moon/sun signs to select their baby’s name after analysing the birth chart and nakshatras, this however, is a personal choice. If you’re lost or confused, a popular trend is to find a name that combines alphabets from names of both parents. So your little one has the best of you both 🙂


Psychological Impact:

A name is more than just an introduction; it has deeper psychological, emotional and overall spiritual impact. A child consciously or unconsciously aspires to be like the quality his name means and evokes through life. It shapes the kid’s identity, behaviour and self esteem with time. Here are some things you can do while selecting an apt name:

  1. When it comes to naming the little one, everyone in the family has suggestions to make. List down all these suggestions.
  2. Find a name that the child can carry off even as an adult. Make sure you don’t go for names which may later become a topic of jokes/slangs.
  3. Select the name that sounds “right” along with the family surname.
  4. Try saying the name a few times and see if it resonates with you and is easy to spell and pronounce.
  5. See that the name is gender appropriate to avoid confusion in social settings.

Once you’ve finalised your child’s name, also ensure the nickname is cool or sweet enough as funny sounding nicknames often get stuck for life and become the topic of jokes.



Diverse Inspirations:

Ancient names taken from texts or chants are spiritual in nature and carry a strong energy with deep meanings and are a reminder of ancestral roots. Names inspired by nature are also a great choice as these are very sweet sounding, whimsical and carry fresh and raw energy. Flowers, birds and celestial bodies – the options are endless and are trendy enough to carry off and a child can easily relate to their energy. Names picked from different cultures sound exotic and can be inspired from your travel memories. Cities which have changed your life and have touched you in some way – there’s so much you can choose from. Names that are from captivating folk-tales and poems are dreamy. These capture the imagination and can be very inspirational for children who aspire to be like them.

Whom did you name your child after? Which were some of your choices? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


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