Teaching Spirituality to Kids


Following a religion is a personal choice; however, we are all spiritual in our own way. In today’s modern times, kids are also getting aware and curious about higher realms of consciousness. Here are some ways in which you can teach spirituality to your kids.


Prayers and Pledges: Its essential to teach at least a few prayers and chants to your child that are imbibed from your own roots. For instance, saying Grace before meals, chanting the Gayatri Mantra or just Om familiarizes them with your ancestral beliefs.  This keeps the child connected to family values and also helps them understand ancient spiritual knowledge. The country’s National Anthem or Pledge is a must for children to know and be conscientious towards the nation and people at large.


Values v/s Blind Faith: Religions can be dogmatic and could demand blind faith, instead maybe you could inculcate spiritual values to your kid that are encompassing. For instance, ‘Love’ or ‘Compassion’ for every person, animal, bird, and species. You could teach them to choose Peace and Communication v/s Arguments which can lead to unhealthy communication patterns. Also help them develop an attitude of Acceptance v/s Ridicule which helps them evolve and see people from many walks of life with equality.


Speaking & Thinking Positive: Words (written and spoken) carry vibrations and energy. Choosing to speak positively and thinking optimistically about any outcome frees the child, gives them hope and is great for health and well-being. Knowledge by itself is made of words so it’s a new look at spirituality. For instance: I failed can be rewritten or re-thought as “I have another chance to try and learn.”


Nurture Nature: Spirituality can also mean just being of service to others and what better than nurturing nature and care for the Planet that provides us everything from the time we are born. To be able to care for birds, animals, plants and everything around them is great for a child’s well-being and also helps them to evolve as a person.


Meditation: Silence is the most spiritual state of being as it helps a person to be introspective. Ask your child to maintain silence for few minutes every day as it helps them look within and later ask them how they really felt. This helps open up about their emotions and gradually makes them intuitive about their life. Chanting Om or any other vedic chant enhances the experience. Creative activities by themselves are meditative and can help a child expand their horizons even more.


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