Igniting your child’s imagination!


“And everything was different about the rains today, they were pouring in rainbow colors” Rhea exclaimed. Rhea later grew up to be a very successful fashion Designer.

This is Imagination – the ability to see things that we have not seen or experienced before. Imagination makes us believe in possibilities. This belief in turn gives us power to construct a different world.

As quoted by Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” All that we see and enjoy today has been the fruits of someone’s imagination

Children are known to have a bundle of imaginations. They are not conditioned to the grown up concept of reality. Their thoughts travel far and wide. As adults, we smile over these imaginations.  And as the kids grow up, we introduce them to the realities and the boundaries.

It is very important to foster the child’s imagination. It aids in creative thinking and innovative problem solving.

 5 ways to ignite the Child’s Imagination:

  1. Tell Stories


Stories have always been about imagination since times immemorial. How easily we become one of the Harry Porter’s classmate or Harry himself, when we are immersed in reading/watching Harry Porter series. Recite different stories to children, ask them what they think about the story, the ending, if they were to modify the ending what would that be, which character is their favourite and why.

 2. Drama / Play Sessions


Drama helps the children feel the characters they are playing. It helps them to express better and be free. It helps them overcome any inhibitions that they may have. Get the children together, and make them enact one of their favourite stories. And they ask them to re-enact their version of the story.

  1. Making Art


Draw, Sketch, Paint, Build, Create, Recreate. Art has been a great medium of self-expression. Get the kids involved in at least one form of art. Let them try different forms of art, and see which art form interests them the most.

  1. Finding an Alternative Way of Doing Things


A same thing can be done in different ways. Let your child know that. Discuss with your child different ways of doing the same routine things, and execute that.

Start with simple exercises – Taking a different route while cycling, using different shades of brown while coloring the mountains, trying a different way to score while playing football and so on.

  1. Re-defining Characters


Ask your child to remember her favorite characters. If she were to re-create those characters, what would they look like, what qualities they would have, what powers would they possess. Also, ask them about the characters they detest and why. Understand what would make them like that character. This activity can also help in shaping the child’s value system.

Tap into the infinite potential of your child’s imagination. Encourage and inspire them to dream about the infinite possibilities. This will not only help in your child’s holistic development, but will also help your child in finding ways to turn today’s dreams into future realities!



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