7 ways to inspire your kids to dream big!


And all the little kid could dream about was her being an exceptional football player. She was captivated by the game, and she would visualize herself scoring that winning goal over and over again!

Dreams define possibilities. They define our vision of the world, of us. As rightly put by James Allen, “as you dream, so shall you become”.

As children, our minds are as free as a bird flying high up in the sky. It doesn’t know any bounds yet. It can traverse in directions unimagined. It can dream of infinite possibilities, which can become realities in the making. As adults, it is our responsibility, to give wings to the children to dream big!

Here are 7 ways to inspire children to dream big:

  1. Acknowledge their dreams


Did your child just tell you that she wants to become an astronaut? And the realistic you, immediately ruled this one as something impossible to achieve and laughed it off. Your child now thinks of becoming an astronaut as impossible too.

Do not let your definition of possibilities define your child’s dream. Acknowledge their dreams and tell them it’s possible to achieve their dreams.

  1. Show Enthusiasm


Give your kids the undivided attention whenever they talk about their dreams, or who they wish to become. Ask a lot of questions to deep dive into their thoughts. Sooner or later, they would talk all about it.

  1. Create a Dream Diary


Children might dream of a dozen things but not be able to decipher them. Encourage children to maintain a dream diary. Let them draw all their dreams, of what they wish to become. Their interpretation of themselves might change very frequently, but it will keep them connected to their dreams.

  1. Indulge in Creative Play


Creative Play is one of the most effective ways to help the kids express themselves. It makes them more self-aware. And through the roles they assume, it helps you understand, their aspirations and dreams, and you can take steps to help them connect with their dreams.

  1. Encourage Reading stories


Stories are a custodian of possibilities. They bring to you a wide variety of characters with different characteristics. Story books are an excellent medium to ignite the power of imagination in your kids. However, make your kid read different genres of story books, to avoid developing biases in their minds.

  1. Lead by Example


Kids believe what they see. You can encourage them to dream, and tell them that dreams can become reality. However, they need to see that you are chasing your dreams and living them as well.

  1. Help the Kids take action


Once you start becoming aware of what your child dreams about, take steps to help them turn their dreams into reality. For example, if your child loves photographs, help him learn photography, and see if the interest persists over time.

Dreams have immense power to shape who we become. Lay this foundation right from the start in your kids. Help them realize their full potential. Be their Dreamcatcher!








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