A Doll Story with Simba’s Evi Love & Steffi Love.


A doll is more than just a plaything – it’s a companion for little girls discovering the world. Here’s what makes Steffi Love & Evi Love Dolls from Simba Toys so special and exclusive.


Doll Story: The Steffi Love and Evi Dolls collection from Simba toys exude a whimsical, fun, and glamorous quality that captures the heart of every child. Daughters are like little dolls and every little girl has a favorite companion from childhood – all through their growing up years. Often they treasure these memories and the plaything for life – a sweet and nostalgic reminder of innocent dreams and stories. The Steffi Love and Evi Dolls Collection are premium quality dolls which conform to International Standards of Safety. Non-toxic, BPA-free and skin friendly – these playthings are designed with utmost care and compassion towards the planet.


Steffi Love: The Steffi Love collection from Simba Toys is for girls above the age of 5 years- 10 years and offers a variety of themes for girls to enjoy a multitude of role-playing games. From a fun ‘Beach Theme’ with friends to camping on a road-trip, play pretends like a doctor, glamorous superstar, and dreamy princess – these stimulate a child’s imagination and offer an entertaining time for a group of friends.


Evi Love: Infants and toddlers love Evi Love dolls for the innocence the collection represents. This range from Simba Toys is based on cutesy themes that little girls can identify with. Doll Walk, Animal Friends, Scooter Fun, Lifeguard, School Friends – these are some of the most popular playthings complete with accessories which are charming and educating. The Evi Love and Steffi Love Dolls as a set complete with family and pets, as teacher-student, and more promises complete entertainment and learning.


Role-play with Dolls: A doll is often a sounding board for a child as it helps the child vent and expresses innermost feelings. These often become their favorite companion, playtime buddy, and sibling till they have their own.  Scientifically, playing with a doll has many health benefits and is great for overall well-being as it gives the child emotional security. Dolls are also used to help potty-train a child, inculcate a healthy sleeping pattern, stimulate imagination, offer a sensory experience to boost visual, tactile and auditory senses and familiarize them with the world at large through role-playing.

Did you have a favorite doll you loved to play with as a child? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.



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