How to get your kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Right since the time we were kids, we have been hearing this adage “Health is Wealth”. However, in today’s fast-paced world, we often tend to ignore Health the most, only to face the repercussions later.

Happy family preparing a healthy dinner at home.

It is very important, that you help your child understand the importance of health, and why is maintain a healthy lifestyle crucial to her well-being. It is important to lay little foundation steps in this pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, very early on in your child’s life.

5 Tips to help your kids maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Be a good role model: Children ape what they see. If they see you firmly believing and making efforts towards cultivating a healthy lifestyle for yourself, it will become easier for them to adopt this belief too.


2. Encourage outdoor activities: Outdoor activities can serve as a good medium of exercising. Set a time for outdoor sports/activities daily. Encourage your child to go outside and play a sport with his friends. This will also help your child to bond well with other children. You can also plan family outdoor activities. Get the whole family involved in some outdoor activity twice a week – going for walks, riding a bicycle, skipping, playing hide and seek, etc.

Kids With Ball

3. Encourage healthy eating: Children can be a little picky when it comes to food. Try experimenting with the presentation of the food items, make food colorful, involve them while cooking, talk to them about the health benefits that the food will provide, and so on. Set timelines for indulgences say once in a month or twice a month.


4. Set time limits for Electronic gadget usage: With access to Computers and Mobile Phones at a very early age, children spend a lot of time on these gadgets. It is very important to set timelines for their usage and ensure that your child follows these timelines. Setting discipline is very important, and this would help your child in the long-term.


5. Get your child to join a physical activity class: Dancing, swimming, playing a sport, etc. can serve as a great medium to stay fit. Get your child to learn the activity that interests her the most.


Share with us the tips you use apart from the above to imbibe healthy habits in your little one.

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