Teaching kids the importance of teamwork.

A famous African quote says, “If you want to walk fast walk alone, if you want to walk far, walk together”.


One of the important factors that determine one’s success is the ability to get along well with others and work well in teams. Team work is a vital skill that is used in all areas of life. And if learnt very early on, can prove to be a true bliss.

5 ways to help your child learn the importance of team work:

  1. Start at Home


Your home environment is the first place where your child will learn team work. Let your child understand that the household chores is everyone’s responsibility and involve your child in helping with the household chores and helping other family members. Do not make the household tasks as a one person job only.

2.Appreciation and Recognition


Appreciation goes a long way in reinforcing the right attitude. Whenever you see your kids participating in group tasks, showing team spirit, appreciate them and give them a pat on their back. This little encouragement will go a long way in developing team spirit in your kids.

3. Lead by example


Your child learns by seeing what you do. Practice what you preach is the best mantra to get your child to learn what you intend to teach them. Get all the family members help each other in all the tasks to be completed. Don’t make it as a one person’s job only. As much as possible, use the word “We” more than “I”.

4. Encouraging participation in group activities


Participation in group activities is the best way to learn the importance of team work. If the team works together, helps each other out, adds to each other’s strengths, they certainly would be able to do the job very well. And what better way to learn this than actively participating in group tasks. Encourage this as much as possible.

5. Encourage your child to participate in sports

Kids With Ball

Sports is one platform that defines sportsmanship. It helps build so many values in an individual. It helps to understand that every single member on the team has an important role to play, and to succeed, it is important to drive the team together.

Learning teamwork is an art, which if imbibed well in an individual, will go a long way in shaping him as a person. Take the steps in this direction, very early on in your child’s life.


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