5 ways to Teach Kids responsibility


Imagine how happy a place the world will be if every individual understood their responsibilities – towards their own selves and towards each other?

What is Responsibility? Why is it so important? Is it inherent in a child?

Well, responsibility can be defined as taking onus for a particular activity or task, which is under one’s control. It means proactively taking steps to get the task done. For example, if we all assume the responsibility of making our planet a cleaner place, we would ensure that we do not litter around. If we know that it is our responsibility to abide by the rules, we would be extra vigilant.

Responsibility is a beautiful trait, to be imbibed from a very early age. This will go a long way in helping the child realize the importance of various things and privileges that she has in her life and not take things for granted.


5 ways to teach Kids responsibility:

1. Get them involved


Get your child to help you with the tasks at home. Don’t try to do everything just by yourself. Teach them how a particular task has to be done and at the same time, understand if they want to do it any differently. Complete the task as a group activity. It will not only help you spend quality time with your child, but they will also understand the importance of sharing the workload.

2. Teach good habits right from the beginning


Habits imbibed will become the foundation of your child’s individuality and character. It is important to cultivate the right habits in your child. Some of these might do the trick – Setting routines, setting rules and guidelines, explaining the repercussions, etc.

For example: Set a routine of them clearing up their mess before going to bed, making it a rule to have dinner together without TV, penalizing on TV hours for wasting food, etc. This will go a long way in making them responsible.

3. Appreciate and Reward


Little Appreciation goes a long way in reinforcing a good habit. Appreciate your kids at their every attempt towards being responsible. Reward the good act. They would be encouraged to repeat it time and again.

4. Support your child to compensate for damaged goods


Teach your kids ownership and taking care of their belongings. If they damage something because of their negligence, do not out-rightly get a replacement. Instead, tell them where they went wrong, and encourage them to compensate for the loss in ways such as going without that belonging for a month, etc.

5. Teach your child to be responsible for interaction with others


Your child has to be responsible for their behavior and actions. They have to learn to be polite, not hurt someone or be rude, and so on. Try helping your child understand their own thoughts better, this will help them control/understand their actions.

Responsibility is one of the most important and crucial lessons that your child has to learn. It will help them in shaping their lives.




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