7 ways to raise Confident kids


Success is a topic which almost everyone talks about. Everyone wants to be successful. But how do we achieve success? Yes, hard work is important. But, success also depends on how much belief we have in ourselves, how we see ourselves. Sometimes, the only bridge between success and us, is this self-belief, this confidence.

Confidence is something which is built and nurtured, day by day. Its’ foundation goes down to the growing years of an individual – childhood.

Your child’s success depends on how he sees himself, and that is shaped to a significant extent on how you see your child.

7 ways to raise confident kids:

1. Appreciate your child for every effort they put in


As your child is growing, she is opening up to a world full of possibilities and opportunities. She is going to try a million new things, encourage your child for every step taken, every effort made. Even if they don’t make it to the goal in the very first attempt, don’t dismiss their efforts. Instead, encourage them to try again the next time, and discuss with them, on what to do better, to get to the goal. Be their cheering squad!

2. Spread Positivity


A child’s self-image is to a great extent dependent on how others perceive her. Are they always critical of her or are they encouraging? Do others see her in a positive light?

Be a positive mirror for your child. Appreciate them for who they are. Do not be dismal of their opinions and desires. Tell them repeatedly that they look beautiful and that they are doing good. Encourage them to become their best version.

3. Embrace differences and avoid comparisons


Every child is unique and has their own strengths. As parents, it is very important to realize that and not get into acts of constant comparison. Help your child nurture their strengths and at the same time, find out ways to focus on areas of improvements.

4. Don’t define boundaries for your child


We often tend to define ourselves and set our own boundaries. Don’t limit the possibilities for your child.  Instead, encourage them to reach out for the sky and tell them, everything is possible.

5. Encourage decision making


Encourage your child to make decisions. Let him decide on what makes him feel good. Ask questions that will help your child navigate and decide on his choices.

6. Avoid labeling


Labels are difficult to get rid off – especially the ones that we start to believe in. A child, who is repeatedly called fat, will take that to be a part of his identity, and would see himself differently from someone who is fit. A child, who is always called a rebel will take that to be a part of her identity, and her actions will continue to emulate that. Do not give labels to your child, this affects their thoughts immensely.

7. Improve your own self-confidence

self confidence

Children often learn what they see. Exemplify tremendous self-confidence and self-belief in all your actions. And they will follow suit.

Self-Confidence is the key to a happy and successful life. Give your child this gift, and let them spread their wings and reach the sky!



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