Help your Kids Make New Year Resolutions


New Year is around the corner. A year has gone by and a year to begin with!

As we welcome the New Year with new hopes and determination, we, time and again look into the year gone by, and smile at the good times, and think about all those things that we wish we could do. All these things become a part of the resolutions that we make for the year to come.

New Year Resolutions are very important. They tell us about what we want to do. This new year, make resolutions along with your kids!

5 ways you can go about making New Year resolution with your kids:

1. Introduce your kids to the concept of New Year’s Resolution


Talk to your kids about what is making resolutions all about, and how New Year resolutions are to be followed through. It need not be anything breakthrough, it can be small little changes that your kids want to happen too.

2. Make the exercise creative


Make this entire act of making New year resolutions a fun thing, something that your kids look forward to doing. You can use colorful papers and pens; make decorative resolution boxes, etc. Get your kids to think about what New Year resolutions they want for themselves, and along with them, finalize on a realistic number of resolutions that are achievable.

3. Keep a positive approach towards resolutions


Focus on the positives and goal settings for the year to come. Do not dwell on the negative past experiences.

4. Break down long-term resolutions into short-term goals

time duration

If your kids have certain long-term resolutions in mind, break them into short-term goals. You can also assign time duration for each of the short-term goals.

5. Make a plan to follow up

follow up

It is very important to keep up with the resolutions. Make a plan to follow up on the resolution progress timely.

6. Be a role model

role model

Practise what you preach. Your kids will we be able to make resolutions and keep up with it, only if they see you doing so. Be a role model for them, and encourage them to make wonderful resolutions and follow them.

Let the coming year be full of hopes, and let it pave a way for your kids to meet a better version of themselves.


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