7 ways to get your child to eat Healthy


Health is a human being’s greatest asset. We have been taught since very early days that “Health is wealth”. A very important step for maintaining great health is eating healthy food. In today’s time of fast food and all the unhealthy meal choices so widely available, inculcating healthy food eating habits in our kids is a daunting task.

However, you can get your kids befriend those veggies and fruits, and make healthy food eating habits an intrinsic part of your child’s life.

Here are the 7 ways to get your child to eat healthy Food:

1. Start from a very early age


Introduce your kids to healthy food right from the beginning. Let them taste different fruits and vegetables. Talk about the health benefits of the foods. Talk your kids into eating the food items by referencing it with a strength that they wish to gain. They will soon start developing a taste for the variety of fruits and veggies. At the same time ensure, that your house is stacked up with less junk food. This will encourage your child to try more healthy food.

2. Plan the weekly menu along with the kids

weeekly menu

To make “healthy eating” an exciting thing, make planning weekly menu a family affair. Think about different food options, involve everyone’s preferences, and stick to the menu decided. Do not cramp up different choices to accommodate everyone’s preferences in one meal. Make one meal for the entire family. This way, your kids will learn to eat everything.

3. Be a role model

Mother And Children Prepare A meal,mealtime Together

To ensure that your kids are eating healthy, you have to believe in healthy eating and participate in it yourself. You cannot be eating junk food when you are making your children to eat healthy. Also, don’t be phobic about a food item, if you want your child to develop a taste for it.

4. Allow treats


Do not abandon the less healthy food options. Abandoning them only makes it more lucrative. Set time for indulgences – fortnightly, monthly etc. This will make your child to not crave for the “less healthy food” all the time.

5. Involve them in cooking

Happy family preparing a healthy dinner at home.

Make children a part of the cooking process. They would be more inclined to eat what they have created. You can make them a part of the vegetable shopping – picking colorful veggies, vegetable washing and cleaning, making the salad, etc. Make cooking fun.

6. Let them plant it


You can try basic gardening and grow your own foods. Involve your children in this process. They are more likely to eat spinach if they have themselves grown it.

7. Try making food “an art”


If there is a particular vegetable that your kid has not developed a taste for, try sneaking it in with some other food item. Make food colorful, make it an art, and the nutrition requirement of your kid will be met, without your kids even noticing it. For example, you can make Spinach Rolls, broccoli uttappam, etc.

Getting your kids to eat healthy is important, but don’t get too forceful about it. Let your kids have fun with their favorite indulgences once in a while too. After all, this entire process of eating healthy has to be fun too.



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