6 things to keep in mind when choosing a school for your child


Schools play a very important role in shaping children as individuals. They not only help them with educational learning, but they also help with their holistic development and lead them onto a path of lifelong learning. Schools lay the foundation for children and set them on a path to success.

Children are full of imagination and inquisitiveness and learn from the environment they are brought up in. They spend a significant time of their lives in schools. Hence, deciding on which school your child should go to is of paramount importance. There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind while evaluating the right school for your child. Let us look at a few.

6 things to keep in mind when choosing a school for your child:

1. The School Environment


Your child is going to spend a significant time of his/her day at school. The environment at school will impact the development and growth of your child. A healthy and friendly environment will help your child in honing his/her skills and having a sense of confidence in their capabilities, and will definitely be a stepping stone in making them future ready. Look for a school environment, which takes pride in the uniqueness of the children and is not very focused on competition and comparison.

2. The Faculty

Teacher Reading Story To Elementary School Pupils

It is the teacher who handholds the child and guides them through their school journeys. Children look up to their teachers as they are the great influencers. Have an understanding of how the faculty is, what are their educational backgrounds, what is their teaching methodology, are they encouraging and attentive towards children, etc. You can interact with a few teachers and parents of senior students to have a better evaluation of and experience with the school faculty.

3. School Infrastructure


Claustrophobic buildings with no playgrounds and proper amenities aren’t the ideal schools that we imagine our children to be sent to. A school is a place, which introduces your child to a vast spectrum of avenues and possibilities. The schools should have an adequate infrastructure with proper ventilation, bright and airy classrooms, designated playing areas, etc. Also, ensure that the school buildings have proper safety checks in place.

4. School Curriculum


This is one of the most important aspects of shortlisting a school. Get clarity on the following – how is the curriculum designed, is it experiential or mere concept learning, what does the curriculum focus on, what are the key development areas the curriculum is designed to bring out, does it focus on only classroom teaching and academics, or does it also include focus on outside the classroom learning and overall development of the child.

5. Inclusion of Extra-curricular activities in the curriculum

Children sculpt in of plasticine

Extra-curricular activities and sports bring about an all-round development of your child. They play a very significant role in shaping up your child as individual and imparting life skills to them. Understand how the school encourages participation in extra-curricular activities that are best molders to your child.

6. Proximity of the school from your home

School Bus

The distance of the school from your home should also be considered. Since the schools already have long hours, it is preferred to minimize the travel distance for school. However, with a number of commutation options available including school vans and busses this hurdle can be overcome; just ensure that the mode you choose is safe and apt.

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”, quotes Christine Gregoire; And schools are the institutions that help children with this foundation. The onus is on you as parents to make the right choice.


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