7 ways to raise Happy Kids

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a choice. It is a way of life.


Happiness is the ultimate goal that all the parents want for their children. As kids go through the journey of life and try to make their way through the ups and downs, it is important that they remain happy at the core. The foundation of how your kids perceive their life and the challenges that come along with it is laid down during their growing years.

Seven ways to ensure that you are contributing to raising your kids as “happy kids”:

1. Be happy yourself

happy parents

Happiness and smiles are contagious. Children absorb a great deal from the environment around them. They see how happy you are with your life, how do you handle the ups and downs of your life and what do you do to overcome unhappiness. To ensure that your kids are happy, make happiness a priority for yourself too.

2. Do not over-criticize


Sometimes as adults we become so focused on the results that we forget to appreciate the journey and all the efforts put in. You can discuss with your child about what could have been done better to achieve the desired results, but do not forget to give your child a pat on the back for the efforts put in. This will help in boosting your child’s confidence and prepare them for the future.

3. Do not make life appear as a pressure zone


In today’s hyper-competitive world, children are stressed even at a very young age. Their schedules are packed with school, tuitions, extra-curricular classes, and so on. While it is important to make your children well equipped and future ready, it is also important to let them go about life at their own pace, and ensure that they are enjoying the process. Appreciate their capabilities and avoid constant comparison.

4. Help your children learn Optimism


Help your children to look at the positive side of things, and teach them to believe in the goodness of life. Let them know that the journey might be a little challenging sometimes, but it always gets better. Teach them to begin each day afresh.

5. Celebrate often


Celebrate all the little joys, all the little achievements in life. Make every moment count. This way you are making your kids have fun and motivating them to do better every time.

6. Teach them the importance of Relationships


Life becomes easier and much better when we have our loved ones to share it with. Teach your kids the importance of building and nurturing relationships. Teach them how to develop empathy, and understand the other person’s viewpoint.

7. Teach your children not to be afraid of failures


As children grow in today’s competitive world, they start taking failure as a stigma. Stress on the importance of experimentation and how it can be a stepping stone to success. Let them understand that failures are an inevitable part of life, but they leave us with valuable lessons and every time they lead us a little closer to success. Teach your kids that it is not a bad thing to fail but it is important that they learn from it, improvise on it and try once again.


It is very important as parents to lead their children on the path of happiness. Hold their hand and let them enjoy this beautiful journey called life.


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