7 tips for planning a fun summer for your kids


Summer is a time most kids eagerly wait for. After an academic year full of hard work, the summer vacation is their well-deserved break. No pre-determined school schedules, no dressing up in uniforms and no limits on the play time. For kids, summer, thy name is fun. However, there is a catch. Few days into the summer vacation and your kids might start getting bored. As parents, it becomes important to ensure that your kids have meaningful and fun holidays.


Here are 7 tips for planning a fun summer for your kids:

1. Make an activity chart along with your kids


Dedicate a day to plan the summer along with your kids. Make a list of all the activities that they want to do during the holidays. Use colourful papers and pens to make a detailed weekly or daily activity chart. Use a separate sheet to list the summary of the things they want to accomplish by the time holidays end. You can paste this activity chart on a wall and keep re-visiting it to see how it is going.

2. Plan a Travel trip with your kids


Choose a destination that would probably interest your kids; something which is educational as well as fun. Make a travel plan well in advance. Involve your kids in the planning process; teach them about various aspects of travel, tell them about the sites you would be visiting and their prominence, teach them to operate a camera and encourage them to try photography and make a travel journal full of pictures and their thoughts. They will cherish this travel journal for their lifetime.

3. Enrol them in a hobby class

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

Summer vacations are the best times to introduce your kids to the various possibilities, make them try different things and help them discover a different version of themselves. Introduce your kids to a new hobby this summer, something that has always caught your kid’s fascination or would help them leverage their skills.

4. Encourage outdoor sports


Ensure that your kids are not spending all of their summers just within the four walls of your house on the screens. Encourage them to participate in outdoor sports in the evening or early morning, along with their friends in the neighbourhood.

5. Make afternoons fun and full of activities


Kids should stay indoors during summer afternoons. You can organize a play date inviting their friends to your home. Plan some interesting indoor activities like drawing challenge, story reading etc. You can treat them with yummy summer treats to make it all the more fun.

6. Take time to enjoy nature along with them


In today’s day and age, we get so involved in our day to day lives that we do not have time to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature. Dedicate a day in a week to go out into nature along with your kids. You can visit a local zoo, a nearby beach to catch the sunset, or even to a local public garden.

7. Get them to help you


With the kids around at home, your day to day tasks will also increase. Do not hesitate in involving the kids in helping you with some domestic chores. This will serve as a bonding exercise with your kids, and also keep them productively occupied.


Tell us how you keep your little ones engaged during summers 🙂


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