5 “Back to School” tips for Parents.


Schools going years are the most exciting part of your child’s life as they help them lay the right foundation.

Taking the initial steps towards this school journey or starting a new year at school after a joyful summer vacation, could be a little unsettling for your child. The entire thought of how your kid will be able to cope up with these changes could make you anxious too. This anxiety is normal.

Here are 5 “back to school” tips that we would like to share with you, to make this process a little easier:

1. Do not enforce the routine upon your child:


Adapting to a fixed routine could be difficult for your child. He/she might be starting his school journey, or beginning yet another year at school, in both the cases, the sudden change in school timings, new friends, new syllabus etc can be overwhelming for him/her. Let him/her slowly ease into the routine. Do not enforce strict timelines right from day one.

2. Be ready for all the school supplies:


As quoted by Aristotle, “Well begun is half done”. Ensure your child is well equipped for this new journey. Use summer vacations wisely to prepare aptly.  New school bags, books, stationery, etc pep up the little ones too so you can select the supplies in colours of their choice or depict their favourite characters; doing this will keep them involved and also add to their excitement.

3. Talk to your child about school:


If your child is going to attend the school for the very first time, you need to prepare him/her for school by letting them know what he/she can expect. Talk to him/her about school, interact about good things that will happen like making new friends, learning new things etc. Share your experiences at school, to get him/her excited about going to school as well.

If your child is about to start another year at school after the summer break, talk about the good things that happened in the previous year, and what’s going to better now. Encourage them to change what didn’t go right to make their schooling more meaningful.

4. Be prepared for Back to school emotions:


Your child might not be prepared for adapting to school yet. It is a lot of change from his/her present environment and routine. Also if it’s for the first time, children do not take separation from parents very sportingly. The same applies to parents too. Be prepared for the emotional outburst and be strong through all of it. Help your child evolve in this new phase.

5. Be involved in your kid’s day to day activities at school:


School days mark the growing years of your child’s life. As a parent, it is very important for you to be an active part of the journey. Interact with the teachers to understand the pedagogy used at school and how you could help your child use the learning’s from school, at home too. Know what they like and what they don’t. Help them overcome the dislikes and motivate them to do better in studies as well as extracurricular activities to ensure holistic development.

It is just about a matter of time. Eventually, your child will not only get used to this new routine but also start enjoying it. Remind yourself to take it easy too. Have fun all along the way.



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