5 ways to make flying easier with a toddler


Flying with your toddler is hard. They are fully mobile, totally dogmatic, and incapable of being reasonable and logical and perhaps at the most inopportune moments. But why stop there?  If your travel plans take you and your toddler up in the air, read on the following tips on flying high and happy.

1. Book non-stop flights whenever you can


Use timing to your benefit. Book non-stop flights, especially for long stretches. Also, try and schedule the flight timings around the nap time of your child. It’s true that flight delays can foil even the best-laid plans for flying with a toddler, but if your little one can get even a short nap while on the go, it will be a wonderful reprieve.

2. Bring extra supplies


When travelling with your toddler, bring as much food and toys as you can fit into your carry-on luggage. Don’t count on meals being served on board as they may be none or very expensive. Even if your flight is scheduled during non-meal times of your little one, plan ahead for probable delays, and bring portable meals anyway.

As far as toys go, bring anything don’t bring anything which has tiny pieces and can get lost or miss if fall under the seat. You can bring easy to carry and noiseless toys or even use in-flight magazines to engage them in playing scavenger hunt.

3. Help them ease the ear pain


Bring lollipops or Sippy drink for your child. Sucking them will help prevent your child’s little ears from hurting due to air pressure changes in the cabin during takeoff and landing. Crunchy snacks that require a lot of chewing are also helpful in keeping the ears clear.

4. Stock your iPad/Tablet


Movies, music videos, educational games, learning apps – all hours of entertainment in a single device. Yes, we are talking about your tablet. Stock your tab and/or phone with your kid’s favourite games and programs so that you can tune them in some screen-time entertainment whenever they are about to throw a tantrum.

5. Get a window seat


The best possible way to contain your little one is to get a window seat. Engage your little one in watching beautiful sky and clouds and tiny winy buildings. This trick is very useful for short flights as by the time your little one will be bored, your trip will be almost over.

Consider these suggestions and you will never have a tough time flying with your toddler.

Wish you a good luck on your next flight.


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