4 ways to teach your toddler to share

playing with blocks

“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with”– Mark Twain

Sharing is an art. This art goes a long way in shaping your toddler into a kind and humble human being. However, your toddler might not necessarily learn this art on his/her own, especially in today’s day and age, when kids are used to all the attention in the world. Then how do kids imbibe this art of sharing?

The art of sharing needs to be taught to them from a very early age, and the same should be reinforced again and again, till your child imbibes the art.

4 ways to teach your toddler to share

1. Start early


Most toddlers are alien to the concept of sharing. They are more likely to use the words “This is mine” rather than “We will share this”. Teach your toddler the importance of sharing from very early on. The earlier you start, the easier will it be for your child to imbibe this virtue. Start with simple things. Encourage your child to share his/her toys with friends. Make sharing a fun thing by turning it into a game. Appreciate your child, when he or she does share his/her things with others and tell them what was so good about that act. While at home, make the practice of sharing a ritual.

2. Set an example


Children learn a lot from what they see. You need to be a role model for your child by taking a lead at sharing. Talk about how you used to share your food, toys, etc as a child. Share things with your little ones and make them do the same to form a habit. By doing this you set an example for your child.

3. Make family time – share time


Let the art of sharing be common in your family. Share the household chores and the responsibilities. Doing this not only helps them to form a sharing attitude but also make them feel involved in family activities.

4. Be prepared


It is not overnight that your toddler will learn the art of sharing. After all suppressing the feeling of belongingness and being open to others need time.  Making them learn this art will require a lot of persistence and patience from your end. Be prepared.


Building the right foundation in the early years of your child will go a long way in helping him/her achieve their full potential. Building this solid foundation requires teaching your child a lot of good values and habits. And the sharing is one such habit.



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